Environmental Impact Assessment

LogoDr. Charles Mount has a professional qualification in EIA and SEA Management and has prepared more than 80 cultural heritage assessments for Environmental Impact Assessments. His thorough approach follows DEHLG and EPA guidance and ensures, whenever possible, that all identified impacts on heritage are mitigated at the pre-planning stage and proposals are acceptable to the planning authorities. In this way heritage issues are often settled before a planning application is made. Adopting this approach means that the delays and costs resulting from third party appeals on heritage grounds can be often avoided.

Dr. Mount has extensive experience of the preparation and assessment of Environmental Impact Assessments. He is able to review these documents in draft form on behalf of developers or Planning Authorities, where this experience is not available in-house.

Contact Dr. Mount for a free quotation by phone at 045-485812 or 087 2458488, or on email by clicking here